bianca rond


  • 22 years of expiernce in account management/ commercial projectmanagement. 10 years entrepeneur in the baby and children industry “I know the market inside out!”
  • Big network in the Children market
  • Skilled in marketing and sales methods “I know the tricks of building a brand”
  • Energetic, charming, communicative, inspiring, convincing, adventurous, assertive, decisive, driven, ambitious


  • Mom of Jip (12) and Sieb (8)
  • Loves lifestyle, with a preference for Scandinavian design
  • Passion for life and energy for 10
Jonien rond


  • 10 years experience in buying and category management:  “I know what buyers and stores are looking for!”
  • Big network in the Home Deco and Children market
  • Marketing drivin “I know how to push your products at the right retailers”
  • Analytical driven, “The numbers don’t lie!
  • Creative, spontanious, assertive, convincing, pro-active, go-getter


  • Mom of Abe (2) and Pippa (0), “I’m in the middle of the todays market”
  • Love to be inspired by young designers, instagram and pinterest
  • Passion for Home Deco